Nautical Lifestyle

CODE-ZERO is a nautical lifestyle brand, designed and endorsed by professional sailors. Founded in the Netherlands in 2017, the brand has become an official clothing supplier and sponsor of international yacht races and sailing events at a rapid pace.

Sailors and customers around the world appreciate the brand and its approach to nautical heritage on the water, in the marina and in everyday life.

Innovations inspired by the Sea

Besides functional technical sailing clothing, the collections cover a wide range of casual sportswear such as polo shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and accessories. High wearing comfort and functionality are the goals of each collection.

Innovations inspired on Global Yacht Racing are applied on a crossover look between sport and casual wear. Integrating high performance wear into a 24/7 lifestyle.

True Power Sailors

We continue to follow the course of technology and the contemporary, combined with classiness to create an ultimate collection for all seasons. The range of the collection reflects the legendary passion for the deep blue ocean and its huge waves - the challenge, which has always facinated mankind.

Whether at the big yacht races in the Atlantic, at the classic spectacles on the French Riviera or at lifestyle events in the Caribbean - the casual sports label is right in the mix.

Newport, Antibes, Porto-Cervo, Saint Barth, Miami, Sydney, Mallorca, Malta or Saint Tropez - our global mission has just begun.

Les Voiles d'Antibes 52 Super Series Rolex TP52 World Championship Les Voiles de St Barth
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